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question-circle STOP WORRYING

1 week 2 days ago #1 by isaiah

1. Worriers usually don't plan and Planners usually don't worry. Planning is an investment. Worrying is a statement of unbelief.

2. Worry has no problem solving potential. So see each troubling thought as a call to prayer. Give GOD your concerns.

3. Satan wants you mentally worn out because his next attack can only work if your mind is tired. Worry tires the mind.Trust God!

4. Don't worry about God's part. He'll keep His promise. Just do what you know to do.

5. Worry is a demonic attempt to use your mental faculties to magnify a small thing!

6. WORRY panics you about what's going to happen next and steals the joy of what's happening now.

7. Don't worry. God hasn't forgotten His promises. The enemy's job is to make YOU forget the promise so you'll stop expecting it to manifest.

8. God is very much concerned about you and your situation. In most cases He just wants to see if you trust Him enough NOT TO WORRY ABOUT IT.

9. Don't worry about the delays on your path of purpose. You have an appointment with destiny that no one can cancel! It will come to Pass.

10. Worry won't make God hurry. If you want God to move at an accelerated pace... accelerate your faith!

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