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1 week 2 days ago #1 by isaiah


_Sociologically, human being cannot live in isolation, you must have somebody around you to interact with. As a student, it is quite expedient of you to know the kinds of people around whom you stay with in the hostel_ . Below are some of them:
*The largest pot Owners* : Whenever you see these people cooking, you will surely ask if they want to cook for all the people in the hostel. The largest pot owners eat a lot. How can a student use a pot that can contain 3congoes of rice to cook?
*The Atenu Worldwide* : They can also be called “Reporters” They disseminate information about the place that food can be secured. They go from church to churches, mosque to mosques, and room to rooms, floor to floors, block to blocks, hostel to hostels all in the course of searching for food.
*The beggars* : I wonder if these sets of people don’t have parents or caregiver. They can come to your room ten times in a day with spoon in their pockets. These people always speak in Pidgin “Brother, I fit see small maggi for your side?” “Se you get little salt? I wana put am for my rice” i nid two cups of rice and others. I wonder if those beggars did not inform their parents about their gaining admission. Abi na me send them? They are so annoying and frustrating.
*The stingers* : These people can cook Egusi in a kettle, they will neither cook nor ear when people are around. They will have money and prefer soaking Garri and Kulikuli to eating good foods.
*The noise makers* : These people always make the hostel to be lively. They are also called intimidators. They always shout when an opposite sex walks around the hostel like shouting “Olosho, Ashewo, Gbefuuun, Tesi ojue”. They often beat drums every evening.
*The Preachers* : These people are annoying at times because they always tend to pester people to fellowship. They will knock your door to preach for you and distribute leaflet or pamphlet for you, in order to compel you to attending their religious programmes.
*The lighted fingers* : These people are dangerous, they can be stereotyped to some renowned thieves and notorious personalities like Mufu Olosa Oko, Oyenusi, Sina Rambo, Ogudabeje (Olori Ole) etc. They will just come to your room in the night any time in order to cart away your invaluable property.
*The Geniuses* : They cannot be left out be left out on the list. They are the intellectuals and oracles who people can consult when they have logical academic problems or questions.
*The womanizers and love peddlers* : They flirt around like a dog. They are like Xender application that can connect to any available device. These sets of people always bring their different male or female lovers into the hostel.
*The socialites* : These are the funful ones who enjoy frivolities rather than facing their academic works tenaciously. They go from one party to another, they find it very difficult to open their textbooks except when the examination is imminent. These sets of people always know the latest gist, vogue, phones, and materials in town.
*The mummy’s pets* : If you tell these people that you will slap them, they will be crying. They are not used to public live and find it difficult to cope in a place where they cannot see their loved ones. They always fear to challenge their intimidators
*The fanatics* : These people have taken religion to another level. They are easily known on campus with their old fashioned dressings and superstitions. They always walk with their Bibles and Qurans wherever they go. They vehemently argue with anybody who has different perspectives about their religious beliefs.
*The Secondarians* : These are sets of people who are not matured enough to be in a higher institution of learning. They behave more or less than a secondary school students. They are more dependable on their parent and pester them on minor issue such “Hello Mummy! We are told to contribute N 20 for the coming test.” They are very pusillanimous Please don’t get upset with them because they are SECONDARIANS.


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